Welcome to Lemuria Season 6 Episode 3
Castle Owner
Jewel Store and Offstore Command!
January 23, 2016 - 16:28:37

 Added Bless and Soul Store command!
- You can now open your store with your own pricing of jewels it can be bless or soul just follow this steps
- 1st you must put your items in personal store then add price on it jewel price so if you put 10 as a price then it will be sold to 10 bless!
- 2nd add personal store name just input anything (do not open the store after this just proceed to 3rd step)
- 3rd type this command "/store bless" for bless store and
"/store soul" for soul store!

 Added /offstore command ingame!
- Just open your personal store in-game after opening
- type /offstore
- When reconnecting bar is appeared after you enter the code then you can now close your client and your character will stay in-game even you are offline!

 Added Top 10 Rankings on website!
- Level Rankings 
- Master Level Rankings


Client Updates
January 12, 2016 - 23:43:00

We have uploaded a new client, just visit download page to download our latest client!

What's in the new client?

- Lorencia Ring has been removed!

- Added Music/Sounds in the new client!

- Added MU.exe in the client for auto updater!

Share us on facebook!
January 10, 2016 - 17:57:00

Let your Facebook Friends know that you are playing MU Lemuria and get 20 Jewels of you choice as a reward.
Simply set your status that you are playing MU, send us a message on FB and we will send your reward to your MU character.

Here's how to do it.

1. On you FB Status. Select the Smiley Icon (Add what you are doing or feeling).
2. Select Playing and search for Lemuria Philippines. 
3. Then send us a message on FB and we will send your reward within the day.


Untill December 30, 2015


Welcome to Lemuria Philippines
January 10, 2016 - 15:57:00

Welcome to Lemuria Philippines Season 6 Episode 3

Server Information:

Version: Full Season 6 Episode 3

Exp: 200x

ML Exp: 150x

Drops: 50%

Non Rebirth Server

No Excellent Ancient Items

No Excellent Socketed Items (Max Slot is 2)

Castle Siege Every Saturday 8:00pm GMT+8

Chocolate boxes drops Excellent 2option Items


In-game Events:

Chaos Castle

Devil Square

Doppel Ganger 

Crywolf Event

Raklion Event

and much more...



Dedicated Server 24/7

24/7 Support via Support Email